Car Not Performing as it Should? Have You Had the Exhaust Checked?

When you have a secondhand car you’re thinking of buying checked by a mechanic to see if it’s a suitable purchase, one of the first things that they’ll look at is the exhaust system. This system is often overlooked by car owners, but it’s one of the most important systems in a vehicle because it not only affects the mileage, but also the way the car handles and performs. That means your car’s exhaust needs to be checked regularly by an automotive exhaust specialist and repairs carried out when required.

Exhaust Leaks

A leak in your exhaust system, even a small hole, can reduce its efficiency, causing it to consume more fuel and affecting the way that it handles. Leaks in the exhaust can be caused by damage to the system as the car bottoms out when going over bumps or by rust, as corrosion tends to affect exhaust systems over time. The symptoms of an exhaust leak include a loss of power or vibrations in the steering wheel, pedal or even the car seat.

Catalytic Converter

This is one of the most important parts of the exhaust system and one of the most expensive to replace. The most common symptoms of a damaged catalytic converter are rattling sounds, the engine light flashing and a noticeable loss of power. To prevent major damage which may require a replacement, you need to have your exhaust system checked as soon as you notice those symptoms.

Your car’s exhaust performs several very important functions, including maintaining optimum fuel efficiency, reducing engine noise, routing exhaust fumes away from the driver and passengers in the cabin and reducing emissions. To keep it working optimally and avoid expensive repairs, have your car serviced regularly and schedule a check-up with an exhaust expert when you notice a problem.