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When it comes to something as important as the health and safety of your vehicle, enlisting the services of a trusted and highly qualified mechanic in Hervey Bay is one of the most crucial things that you can do.

Not all towns are lucky enough to have a mechanic that has a stellar reputation, but here at Hervey Bay Brake & Exhaust you can rest assured that your car is getting the best, most efficient and most experienced treatment possible. 

There is no job too big or too small for us, we like to treat each car with the same level of importance, because we know that your car is the one that is important to you!

Above all else, we are a one stop shop for any mechanical problems that need fixing in your vehicle. Whether you have experienced an undiagnosable issue, or whether you simply need to undergo a normal car servicing, we can do it all, and do it all in good time at that. 

The next time you need a mechanic, call us today on 07 4124 3166!

Our Mechanical Services

Exhaust Checks, Repairs and Replacement

The exhaust system isn’t your vehicle’s most intricate system, but as it provides a variety of essential functions that directly affect safety, mileage, performance and handling, it’s one of its most important.
Exhaust Repairs & Replacements

Brake Checks and Repairs

The brake system on your car, ute or 4×4 is its single most important safety feature as the ability to slow down or stop instantly is essential if you and your passengers are to stay safe.

Brake Checks & Repairs

Mechanical Service & Repairs

Automotive problems, no matter how insignificant they may initially seem, need to be seen to immediately before they increase in severity, becoming more expensive to fix and making your car unsafe to drive.

Mechanical Service & Repairs

Clutch Replacement

The clutch system is comprised of numerous parts, including the clutch disc, flywheel, pressure plate, release fork and pilot bushing.

Clutch Replacement

Logbook Servicing

When a new car is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, it’s essential to meet the servicing requirements as outlined in the logbook to preserve the warranty and keep the vehicle operating as it should.

Logbook Servicing

Towing Products

With such a broad range of towing products on the market, it’s vital to choose the right towbars and accessories for your vehicle and towing load. There are two general varieties of towbars that you can fit to your 4×4, ute or car…
Towing Products

Suspension Repairs

Strong suspension is paramount for a safe journey ahead – this system ensures you maintain control of the car while also helping to absorb the shock and stress of driving. This is a complex network of parts that must work together to facilitate a smooth ride for you and any passengers. If you run into a problem, Hervey Bay Brake & Exhaust is happy to help.

Suspension Repairs

Safety Certificates

Our qualified expert mechanics can conduct vehicle inspections and provide safety certificates to make sure your motor is roadworthy. You’ll always want to be sure that the car you’re driving is fit for purpose – and if you come into possession of a new vehicle, there’s always a chance it may not work as well as you want. We look at the windscreen, brakes, tyres, chassis, and more to ascertain if the motor’s ready to drive.

Roadworthies & Safety Certificates


We also provide the usual round of tune-ups, checking the engine thoroughly to make sure it’s working just as it should. If there’s any room for improvement, we can make a number of adjustments and tweaks to bring an engine back up to speed. This also helps uncover issues before they become obvious – letting you fix them early and save on repair bills.

Tune Ups


Your vehicle’s steering system is both highly complex and highly sensitive, so it has to be in working order at all times for you to drive safely. Even a minor fault with your steering wheel can pose significant problems for you and your passengers, so make sure to book your motor in before it becomes something more dangerous.

Steering Systems

What our customers say about us

Cannot express how grateful I am for all the help I have received from these guys in the last few days! Everyone I spoke to was more than helpful! I managed to get a full car service the very next day after my inquiry and they were extremely helpful when I was tied up at work and dropped my car back to me no problems at all!! Thank you thank you thank you! Andrew, Melissa, Nick and Adam you guys are wonderful!! (And anyone else who works there).

Sarah HansfordFloorfilla Media

Quality workmanship and expert experience.

Great customer service also.

Will always come back to these guys!

Joshua WhiteheadMambajuice

Hervey Bay Brakes and Exhausts go above and beyond in all services! Cannot recommend them high enough!

Jade Scrim

Thanks to Andrew and the team for fitting my exhaust, brakes & much more! Great blokes, great work!

Sam Porter

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Conveniently located on Beach Road, Hervey Bay Brake & Exhaust is your One Stop Mechanical Repair Shop. Here’s why you should choose us for all your automotive requirements, from brakes and exhausts to mechanical repairs, safety inspections and more:

  • We’re a privately-owned business that’s proud to be a member of the A1 Exhausts Group – Australia’s Premier Exhaust Specialists
  • We stock a broad selection of high-quality automotive parts to increase your options
  • Our team of mechanics are fully-qualified, experienced and customer-focused
  • We offer products, service and warranties that deliver peace of mind

For the complete spectrum of automotive services and genuine mechanics in Hervey Bay area, look no further than Hervey Bay Brake & Exhaust.

Call us today on 07 4124 3166 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment!

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